Commercial Locksmith Tacoma WA

We are the Commercial Locksmith Service for the entire Tacoma, WA area! When you're in need of commercial locksmith care look to us for a professional locksmith to be sent to assist you in the greater Tacoma area. If you are in need of emergency security lockmith service we will be there for you when you need us!

We are your 24-7 emergency service throughout the entire Tacoma, Washington area! Available every day and night and holidays we are always ready to assist you in a swift and professional manner when you are in need of lock replacement, you're locked out or any other need you may have!

Need to replace the locks at the office?
We have an commercial locksmith who can help you

We supply comprehensive commercial locksmith care throughout Tacoma Washington and it's surrounding areas and 24-7 emergency lockout service. Our work includes: lock installation/repair/replacement, duplication of keys, recutting lost keys, upgrades, master rekeying, security hardware installs, rekeying, service and maintenance of locks and more!

We provide a 90-day warranty on all labor and parts performed by the commercial locksmith technician when the work is quickly finished in and around Tacoma, WA.

When the need to call for emergency commercial service in Tacoma, WA, call now at 253-271-9182 or connect with us online for a quick response here: Tacoma Commercial Locksmith Contact.

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